March 6, 2018 skyhighaerial

Tampa Drone Photography

Tampa Drone Photography

Sky High Aerial Productions provides professional drone video and photos in the Tampa Bay area

Tampa drone photography is always very special because of the amazing skyline and water that surrounds the city. Sky High Aerial Productions works in the Tampa area all of the time with many different kinds of clients. Our Inspire 2 fleet is well equipped to capture some of the most amazing photos the city has seen. The Tampa drone photography industry is growing as fast and there are many different drone events in the city year round. Our company works with many boating companies in the Tampa area and we also work with many construction companies also. Tampa drone photography company’s like Sky High Aerial Productions have a great reputation for doing great gulf coast HD pictures and video. Tampa drone photography for hotels is also a big money maker because of the amazing views and proximity to the beaches. Drone Photography in Tampa will only continue to grow as we continue to push the limits of low altitude cinematography all across the state of Florida. Our company also uses the phantom 4 pro-drone because of its small size and stable platform in Tampa’s windy conditions. You can fill out a form and we will email you right back with a quote. Our company recently had a meeting with a company that is manufacturing a device called a party pod in Tampa, it is pulled behind a car and is truly amazing. You can start a party anywhere in a matter of seconds. It has a full stereo system, full bar, and seating for 8. This device also has a full light entrainment system great for corporate events. Our company is going to make a full marketing package for them and produce a T.V. commercial and update their website presence. I will include some pictures we took when we saw the device so you can see what this amazing invention looks like. This would be perfect for Tampa Bay’s party scene. Thanks for reading our blog and stay tuned for the next one!!

If you need drone video and photos services in Tampa please call us at (407) 203-9003 or click here.

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