April 4, 2018 skyhighaerial

Aerial Photography in Central Florida

Aerial Photography Central Florida

Sky High Aerial Productions provides aerial photos and video for clients in Central Florida

Sky High Aerial Productions is leading the way with aerial photography in Central Florida. Central Florida has many great things to see from the air including the convention center where we recently shot for Oracle with their Tesla ride-along program. You can see the video on our youtube channel. Aerial photography in Central Florida is bigger than Orlando it also includes all Clermont, Wintersprings, Lake Mary and much more. We work with many different companies in central Florida in many different industries like construction, pool companies, landscaping and land development companies and much more. Sky High Aerial Productions has Inspire 2 drones that are capable of amazing HD video and pictures. Many clients interested in aerial photography in central Florida will want you to have this done to ensure quality. We recently did aerial photography and videography in central Florida for Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. This was a massive event, unfortunately, they bought rights to the footage so we cannot make a video to post on our youtube. Aerial photography in central Florida will continue to grow and our company will be there to help show the beauty of our area. With our high-class capabilities and talent, we can make any event stand out. We are just finishing a deal with GayDays Orlando to film and big event they have next month. The company purchased aerial photography and videography for their central Florida event.  If you need professional aerial photography in central Florida please call or click today!! We hope to work with you soon and safe flying!

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