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Drone Photography and Videography in Florida

Drone photography and videography in Florida is on of our favorite places to capture amazing footage when it comes to aerial photography and videography. My company has two offices right now in Orlando, Florida and Boca Raton, Florida, but we capture drone photography and videography all over Florida. Two cities that we love to fly around in, is Miami Florida and Fort Lauderdale Florida. We have captured some amazing videography footage in the beautiful city of Brickell, Miami. When hurricane Irma hit, the roads of Brickell were literally flooded with 3 to 4 feet of water. We have video of this beautiful city prior to that day. There are a lot of high rise resorts, buildings and monuments around that area right by the water which makes it a great place for drone photography and videography. Another great place we love to fly at is Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We love using our aerial videography and photography and capture the amazing cruise ships that leave from there. Our company Sky High Aerial Productions works in many different cities all over the state of Florida. We have captured drone photography and videography in some of the following cities: Jacksonville, Cocoa Beach, Vero, Stuart and Jupiter. Now we have even expanded to the west coast of Florida. Drone photography and videography on the west coast of Florida is also a great place to capture amazing footage. We work out of Tampa, Clearwater, Fort Myers, Sarasota and Naples. Drone photography and Videography in Florida is an amazing place to fly. We cannot wait to capture more breath taking footage and share it with you!

Drone photography and videography Orlando

Sky High Aerial Productions has the main office in Orlando. Drone photography and videography in Orlando is a very big industry and is growing by the day. With all the different things to do in Orlando drone photography and videography is vital to show of all the city has to offer. Orlando drone photography and videography can be using in all major hotels and amusement parks not to mention all the events that go on every month at the convention center. We have worked in Orlando for the last three years and have a great reputation for making amazing aerial visuals for all different types of projects from real estate to yachting and boating. Sky High Aerial Productions uses 4k Drone photography and videography in Orlando to ensure the highest quality on the market today. All of our drones are movie quality and can shoot up to 5.2k. This gives us a big advantage over the competition in the area. Also customers know when the hire us they are getting quality equipment and amazing cinematography skills. Since our company is based in Orlando we are also close to north Florida, Tampa , Daytona and many other big cities and we work in all of them. Our company travels all over the state to work with some of the biggest companies in Florida. Please check out our YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook at Sky High Aerial Productions to see different projects we are working on and reviews from people and companies have given us over the years. We take making amazing productions very serious and will go to great lengths to ensure we stay at the top of the game. We also have amazing ground capabilities with 4k DSLR cameras with gimbal systems to ensure amazing smooth shots for any project. Drone photography and videography in Orlando will continue to grow and evolve. We will stay on the newest filming techniques for drone photography and videography in Orlando for years to come. If you or your company need drone photography or videography in Orlando please call or click today!

Drone Photography Miami

In the state of Florida there are many great cities to do drone photography. One of the best cities for drone photography is Miami. Miami has so much beautiful landscape and buildings that it has become a hot bed for drone activity. Also drone photography is so good in Miami and Florida all together because it has sunny weather almost all year round. Miami’s sunny weather is perfect for all different industries. Our company works with yacht builders, yacht charters and yacht sales in Miami doing drone photography and videography. These industries are perfect for our high end drone equipment and amazing pilot talent. Please check out our YouTube channel to see some of the Miami jobs we have done. Drone photography in Miami for high rise buildings is also a big industry. Many companies in downtown Miami all need aerial drone photography for their buildings to help market them to potential clients and our businesses. Another great industry in Miami for drone photography is real estate. Miami real estate is often priced very high for a reason. Drone photography is extremely effective in Miami because of the breathtaking scenery and access to the ocean. Drone videography in Miami is also in big demand. Any client that needs drone photography in Miami will usually need some videography as well. Most clients in Miami have high standards and will need you to shoot 4K for all footage. If you are running a serious drone company you will have this ability. Drone videography in Miami is a great way to show companies your talent to get those amazing dynamic shots that make clients take notice. Our company can combine great aerial drone photography and drone videography for Miami clients every time and we have proved to be a great asset to many companies and clients all over Florida. Please call Sky High Aerial Productions if you need any drone photography or drone videography in Miami or anywhere else in Florida.

Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial drone photography is very important to many different kinds of clients. When it comes to aerial drone photography our company will only be able to go to 400ft altitude to stay in compliance with the FAA. Most clients looking for aerial drone photography will only want you to go to about 100ft to achieve the look they need. Our company works with many clients that need both aerial photography and aerial videography. We shoot all footage in high definition and all pictures with 25 megapixels with our Inspire 2 fleet. Our company uses movie quality drones to ensure the highest quality pictures on the market today. Aerial drone photography is very useful for many different industries. Also the price for aerial drone photography can vary from about 350 dollars to 150 dollars depending on how many pictures needed. All aerial drone photography from our company is color corrected to ensure a professional look to all media we produce. Aerial drone photography can vary in quality depending on what drone you are using. When looking for a drone company to work with you need to make sure they are licensed and insured and also make sure they have the highest level equipment on the market like sky High Aerial Productions. Sky High Aerial Productions serves the whole of Florida and has a great reputation for making amazing HD productions for all different kinds of clients. Aerial drone photography is just one of our services. Aerial drone photography is something we specialize in and have a amazing talent for producing. Please check out our YouTube channel where you can see all our aerial drone photography and HD video productions. Our company is leading the way in the construction, marine and solar industries and we would love to share our passion with you! Aerial drone photography is here to stay and can really make your company stand out from all the other completion.

Drone Photography

In the world of photography things are changing every year. One of the biggest changes is drone Photography. Our company uses very high end drones like the Inspire 2 to capture amazing drone photography. We use drone photography in every industry we work in on a monthly basis. Our drone photography is crystal clear at 25 megapixels and we use the most advanced editing software to sure amazing color and contrast for that professional look the customer reacts too. We use drone photography over the ocean with yacht and personal boats sales and inspection. We also use drone photography for our solar company accounts to help them market there amazing designs. When shooting drone photography commercially you are not allowed to exceed 400ft AGL. I would say about 95% of all drone photography flights we do are below 150ft. Usually when taking aerial pictures the customer will not need you to fly very high unless it is a big piece of land you are shooting. Drone photography can be taken in single shot, 3 shot burst or 10 shot burst. Three and ten shot burst drone photography is good for when you are flying at top speed and need to make sure you get the shot you need. You should always shoot drone photography in DNG RAW format not JPG. This will give you much more editing power in post production to ensure your pictures stand out from the crowd. After editing your drone photography you will need to convert pictures to JPG for your clients because most clients will not know what to do with a DNG raw file. If you are flying a drone, drone photography is the first skill you will need to master to start a successful drone company. I will attach pictures of some of our drone photography we have done in the past month so you can have some examples. Please check out our Instagram and website for more amazing drone photography examples

Drone Videography

Drone videography is becoming a very important industry and is quickly becoming a service customers are looking for. Sky High Aerial Productions uses drones that produce the highest level 4k footage when it comes to drone videography. Our company uses Inspire 2 drones that are capable of 5.2k quality drone videography. Recently we did drone videography for Mares Catamaran in Miami to showcase a boat that will be featured in the Miami boat show. The drone videography used in this project was aimed to feature the boats s in the ocean with waves. Our Inspire 2 has no problem keeping up with this amazing 47 foot boat doing over 50mph. Drone videography is taking the place of helicopter videography

more and more every year. Drone videography will continue to grow because compared to helicopter it is much easier to work with. Also it is much cheaper and much better quality footage than most helicopter camera. Sky High Aerial Productions uses drone videography for many different industries like film, construction, boating, t.v. Production and many more. Drone videography and Drone Photography are the two biggest departments we have at Sky High Aerial Productions along with our ground division and mapping division. Drone Videography is by far the most satisfying because you can be so creative and really make projects come to life. we have attached some Drone photography pictures of the catamaran so you can see. You can see our drone videography of this project on our YouTube channel.  Please like and subscribe!!!

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a very important tool for marketing. Many different industries can use aerial photography to help market a recent project or also show different perspectives that customers are not used to seeing. My company uses aerial photography for many different clients. These photos are great for real estate, construction, property management, boating, yachting and many others. Sky High Aerial Productions aerial photography department is head and shoulders above the rest. Not only do we use the most advanced drones on the market the Inspire 2 that is capable of 24 megapixels HD photos but we also have a unique eye for attention grabbing shots. When using aerial photography for real estate companies we work for tell us the property sells much faster and for more money than regular marketing strategies. Sky High Aerial Productions also uses low altitude aerial photography for boating and yachting companies in south Florida on a regular basis. Our aerial photography packages will ensure you get all the coverage you need for your specific project. Aerial photography is also very useful for live events and can really bring life to any new project. With HD aerial photography you can capture large groups and really give a aerial perspective that until a couple years age would have costed you thousands of dollars. Also with aerial photography there is less interference with people getting in the way of your shot. Sky High Aerial Productions is committed to bring the most advanced aerial photography techniques to Florida and our work shows our dedication to our craft. So if you need amazing aerial photography for your next project or event please call or click today and we would be happy to help. Our company is fully licensed and insured and we also have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our work.

Drone real estate project 2016

We are excited that we just posted and new video for one of our clients to help them sell their house. These types of videos have a big impact on how fast your house sells in the market today. The video is under our portfolio section. Please let us help you with the sale of your house today! We do everything!

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