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Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a very important tool for marketing. Many different industries can use aerial photography to help market a recent project or also show different perspectives that customers are not used to seeing. My company uses aerial photography for many different clients. These photos are great for real estate, construction, property management, boating, yachting and many others. Sky High Aerial Productions aerial photography department is head and shoulders above the rest. Not only do we use the most advanced drones on the market the Inspire 2 that is capable of 24 megapixels HD photos but we also have a unique eye for attention grabbing shots. When using aerial photography for real estate companies we work for tell us the property sells much faster and for more money than regular marketing strategies. Sky High Aerial Productions also uses low altitude aerial photography for boating and yachting companies in south Florida on a regular basis. Our aerial photography packages will ensure you get all the coverage you need for your specific project. Aerial photography is also very useful for live events and can really bring life to any new project. With HD aerial photography you can capture large groups and really give a aerial perspective that until a couple years age would have costed you thousands of dollars. Also with aerial photography there is less interference with people getting in the way of your shot. Sky High Aerial Productions is committed to bring the most advanced aerial photography techniques to Florida and our work shows our dedication to our craft. So if you need amazing aerial photography for your next project or event please call or click today and we would be happy to help. Our company is fully licensed and insured and we also have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our work.

Drone real estate project 2016

We are excited that we just posted and new video for one of our clients to help them sell their house. These types of videos have a big impact on how fast your house sells in the market today. The video is under our portfolio section. Please let us help you with the sale of your house today! We do everything!

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At Sky High Aerial Productions, we are committed to providing professional aerial services including videography, photography, 3D Mapping, and post production editing. Customers from all over Florida rely on us to attain those stand-out shots that make any project or event look great.

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